Elijah Bennett

From a troubled youth struggling with addiction, to a now Certified Peer Recovery Coach for BWROC, Elijah Bennett is a shining example of recovery.Bennett’s determination and fortitude, paired with a strong support system from friends, and the services provided by the Blue Water Recovery and Outreach Center (BWROC), has helped...

Madison Osborne

As a young girl growing up Madison Osborne, 28, was a typical child who enjoyed exploring the outdoors with a passion for rock collecting as her hobby.

Ryan Hackworth

Ryan, who has been a resident of Port Huron since 2020, grew up in the rural town of Munith, MI located in the southern portion of Jackson County with a population of roughly 300

Jodi Sutton

A little over a year ago, Jodi Sutton was struggling with addiction. Today, she is a powerful voice for recovery who shares her story about how she found success through the support of the Blue Water Recovery and Outreach Center (BWROC) which empowered her to turn her life around.Created in...

Angela Valdivia

For more than two decades, Angela “Angie” Valdivia struggled with substance use disorder, but soon she will be recognizing an incredible milestone — one year in recovery.She attributes a significant factor in her success to the support she received through Blue Water Recovery and Outreach Center (BWROC) which empowered her...