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We at BWROC are passionate about sobriety and helping those suffering from addiction get into recovery.  Today we do this by connecting those suffering from addiction to local recovery resources, hosting recovery events, and our recovery outreach program. 


Our recovery outreach program goes in the community or workplace such as manufacturing companies with a goal of promoting recovery to get as many people into treatment & long term-term recovery as we can. Click on the Outreach tab for more details.


We host monthly recovery events in the community such as bowling, tigers game, hockey night, escape room & game night, movie night etc which allows those in or seeking recovery to see the many people who have been in their shoes and provide hope.

We feel Isolation is our enemy.  This helps connect friendships, involvement in the recovery community and serves as a community engagement opportunity for those in recovery to get out and do something fun verse sitting home and isolating.


We can connect you to recovery resources