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Recovery education and opioid awareness in the workplace

As the opioid epidemic escalates across the country and use continues to rise, its effect touches every part of our society.  The workplace is not immune to these consequences.  Employers must be diligent and proactive in understanding how substance use disorder affects individuals, the overall influence to the business, and the level of financial liability that is acceptable. An evaluation should be based upon legitimate science, the safety-sensitive nature of your business, and risk analysis as opposed to perception and emotion.


The recovery group at BWROC is committed to fighting this epidemic head on by working employers to find individuals suffering prior to all wreckage and destruction of addiction.  This includes:

  • Group Presentations  

    • educate and connect your employees to local recovery resources.  ALL CONVERSATIONS ARE CONFIDENTIAL

  • Signs of substance use 

    • train your managers on how to spot opioid/heroin and substance use in the workplace.  

  • Overdose Training -

    • work with the health department to ensure you are properly trained in the event of an overdose

  • Onsite 

    • we want to get to know your employees so when they have the willingness, they are comfortable and confident they can have feel continued on-site presence is a.  ucation - ovide on-site education which includes:We educate your employees Our recovery group this timely and informative toolkit to employers to assist in navigating marijuana and its confusing effect on the work environment.